Saturday, October 27, 2007

overcome the bees [haiku]

Dear Instigator,
Hi honey! Remember me?
(Know this is private)

         Want to smile again?
         Return sunrise to your life?
         Join me in Beijing.

Womanly demon
Young and inexperienced
Improves sperm flavor

         Make her worship you
         No negative side effects
         Her pussy wont know!

Be all you can be
And in all that time, did you?
Think again buddy
       - Furqan Takada

The live fast, die faster lifestyle of feng shui master Furqan Takada (October 27, 1920 – October 27, 1949) was equally tragic as it was intense. Born to a catholic mother in Geneva, Switzerland who had escaped the Belfast riots two months earlier, Takada was half Japanese and half Irish. While not a secret, Takada’s mother had a lengthy affair with the poet Manhae however; it has been proven that Takada’s father was not the famed poet. Takada’s parents had lived in Seoul for several years (his mother was a fashion model while his father was an engineer with the Sino-British division of Harland and Wolff shipyards) until the Samil Movement began spiraling out of control. On the occasion of a particular violent demonstration, Takada’s father took sides with the Korean uprising and was severely beaten by Japanese police. The couple was transported back to Ireland for medical care with Takada’s father dying under a year later. A widow with a newborn son, Takada’s mother took a job at a bakery but later moved into banking. Early in his life, Takada displayed a knack for reading and writing. His handwriting was especially neat and clean as early as six years old and his disposition for reading and comprehending philosophy and medical text was considered – by some – miraculous. At 20, Furqan Takada graduated from Universität Basel, focusing on theology and economics with his thesis on consumer-based theocracy continuing to spark debate around the campus. He attempted to pursue a doctorate in science (mainly astrology) but grew restless and (with a loan from his mother) started a furniture consulting agency. His trademark, writing recommendations in poetic form on very high quality papers, became highly prized chits among the literary elite. A patron invited Takada to write the first thirteen chapters of the Douay-Rheims Bible on 400 year old animal vellum. These pages were then framed and auctioned at ridiculous prices due in large part to the unique elegance of Takada’s handwriting. Two years later, the same patron secured a dozen sheets of Imperial mitsumatagami and asked Takada to transcribe several Buddhist scriptures onto them. Takada finished six sheets, each selling at ludicrous collector prices... much to Takada’s disbelief. In early 1948, Takada started dating French violinist, Ginette Neveu with the two announcing plans for marriage by summer 1949. On October 27, the couple boarded an Air France flight en route to series of concert engagements. All 48 passengers on board the flight, including the famous French boxing champion Marcel Cerdan, died when the plane flew into a mountain after two failed attempts to make a landing at the São Miguel Island airport in the Azores. It is said that Neveu's body was found clutching their marriage vows written by Takada. Today’s entry is from a posthumous lithographic collection of Takada’s writing (titled Pro Tanto Quid Retribuamus) and is published on our site with direct permission from Takada’s estate.

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Anonymous poetry_pete said...

I just wanted to let you know that I sponsor a poetry contest with a $10,000 first place prize every month. I thought your poem would be a good candidate. Just click my name for the site. Keep on writing...

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Anonymous Morton Hurley said...

Oh wow! Thanks Pete!!!

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